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About us

SunRise Systems and Solutions began in 1998 as a medical billing company and has since evolved to offer extraordinary practice management software and many other services.  Our founder, Dawn Shirey, brought over ten years of experience in medical office management to this new venture, along with extensive knowledge of medical billing and software, allowing her to establish a presence in the medical community early on. 

To facilitate the growth of the company, Dawn was joined in 1999 by Jaime, whose excellent customer service skills have been and continue to be an invaluable asset.  The following year we were joined by Michele to do medical billing.  She now handles additional technical and training duties, making her a key member of our team.  Dawn and Michele share a long history of working together from their days in a medical office and maintain a close friendship.  They believe this friendship and the overall harmony of the office is an important factor in the success of SunRise, allowing us to focus all our attention on the satisfaction of our customers.

Since then we have added additional members to our staff that have grown with SunRise. Each SunRise associate exemplifies the SunRise philosophy—"Customers come first and we do everything possible to find a solution." We enjoy each one of them as co-workers and friends. With 17 members of the SunRise team, we are here to serve each customer to the best of our ability.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have.


Dawn & Michele