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SunRise Systems & Solutions can not only help you with the most sophisticated and easy to use practice management system, we can provide a total solution to your A/R management problems.

The once routine function of medical billing has evolved into a complex maze of rules, requirements, and regulations. As a result, new and innovative methods are required to assure prompt payment at the highest allowable reimbursement rates. Our professional billers take pride in their ability to maximize reimbursement and cash flow through their constant attention to detail, streamlining of transaction processing, and the use of technological tools to reduce errors and eliminate unnecessary paper handling.

Experienced reimbursement professionals offer you:

Greater Effieciency
  • Seamless integration with your office and normal patient flow.
  • Daily claims submission after editing and reviewing claim information.
  • Paperless transaction tracking which means you can stop copying superbills and EOB's.
  • Electronic Claims Submission means your claims are paid and in the bank in the shortest time possible.
  • Daily Posting of financial transactions.
  • Professional Follow-up Team to identify and collect unpaid claims.
  • Pre-collection systems, to coordinate with outside collection agency.
More Accountability
  • Daily transaction and financial status reports on YOUR office system.
  • Instant online tracking of billing progress means no more waiting for your month end reports to get the management information you need to run you practice.
  • Instant online communication link.
  • Regular Remote Meetings to review goals and progress.

  • HMO/PPO Contract Review & Compliance Review.
  • Plan Reimbursement levels are checked for accuracy and appealed when necessary.
  • Billing for Patients.
  • Highly trained and friendly staff.