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Phone: 330.386.9300
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Software Info

Software Features

• Appointment Scheduling
• Hold Claims Function
• Daily Electronic Patient Records
• Understandable Patient Statements - really!
• Easy Insurance Follow-up - increases office productivity
• Electronic Billing (claims and patient statements)
• Reminders (great for C9’s, recalls, claim call backs & more)
• Alert Notes (you set when and where they pop up)
• Referral Tracking
• Letter Generation with Microsoft Word 2003
• Charge Slip Balance Report (never miss a charge again)
• Customized Charge (route/fee) Slips
• Timely Filing Reports - don’t miss getting paid!
• Email Ability
• Line-by-Line Payments
• Easy Insurance Posting - no more guess work. Know your allowed amount. Know if
  you got paid enough!
• Authorization Flags - C9’s, prior auth, yearly exams   
• Collection System

System Requirements

Server Specifications:
Windows Server 2003, 1 GB of RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, 2.8 GHz or higher modem
Work Stations Minimum:
Windows 2000 or XP Professional.  Pentium III 1.8 GHz or higher, 512 MB RAM, Microsoft Word 2002 or higher, CD ROM Drive, Tape or other external backup media, 56k Modem, 10/100 Ethernet Network Card, Video Card, Laser Printer*
*We recommend HP Laser Printers and External Modems for quality items and easy operations.