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SunRise Practice Management Software

The origins of SunRise Practice Management Software actually come from the company itself, SunRise Systems & Solutions. As an outsourced medical billing firm, SunRise itself was looking for a new system to use for their own billing needs. Being in the industry since 1998, they had researched and seen other packages but none fit the billiers needs. The decision was made to develop one. SunRise Practice Management Software was released in 2003.

Being developed by a billing firm is a big plus. The design of the product was a joint venture between the software engineers, experienced billing staff and providers.

Quick and convenient collection notes help to collect your money faster.

SunRise is scalable.
Built on Microsoft SQL technology, it utilizes the Microsoft Desktop Engine for small practices (which is free to use) and also runs on Microsoft SQL for larger practices. SunRise can scale to the needs of any size practice. The user interface for SunRise was developed using Microsoft .Net technology using Microsoft latest development tools. SunRise was designed from the ground up using leading edge development tools and technology. The development team for SunRise also has a combined 21 years in practice management software development.

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