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Electronic Claims

SunRise EZ File--Not all clearinghouses are the same.

SunRise Systems & Solutions puts you in complete charge of your claims with the ability to expedite your cash flow. Our user-friendly application edits, formats, and securely transmits your claims to the payers. You can eliminate all of the needless and time-consuming steps that hamper your cash flow and productivity.

Take a proactive not reactive approach to managing your claims.

From claims to cash in no time at all!

Features and Benefits:
• Increase control over the insurance billing process.
• No Yearly Fees
• No setup fee's for SunRise users
• Decreased turn-around time for claims payment.
• Lower overhead by reducing costly re-submittals, paperwork, postage, and other
• Electronic access to more than 1,000 insurance/managed care companies
• Increased accuracy by detection and correction of errors before you transmit
• Timely reports and claim status information.
• Backed by unparalleled technical service and support.

Stop wondering where a claim is once it leaves your office.
We will let you know the status of a claim or group of claims within a days time.

Our reports will allow for:
• Reduction in follow-up time and phone work tracking unpaid claims
• Track all claims using quick review options
• Complete information for prove of timely filing.