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Our Clients say--

"Over the past months, we here in the office have been very pleased with this program, and consider it the best medical program we have used in the office."
Dr. Terry F. Thomas
Georgetown, OH

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“Thank you for all your patience & kind help for getting us “on board” with your group. Everyone there has been so helpful & courteous. Any question or problem we have is addressed professionally with profound kindness and patience. We are looking so forward to a bright future with SunRise!”--Dr. Debe Williams
Dr. Debe Williams
Jackson, TN

“Absolutely LOVE IT!”--Everyone at the office!
Dr. Pat & Mikel Lydy
Crestline, OH

“Heavenly! Just heavenly to work with!”--Kelly Snyder ~ Office Manager
Dr. Rachelle Bardall
Orrville OH

“Before SPMS I had no idea where my accounts were, what money was out there, or if my staff was doing what they could do to get my accounts reduced. Now I know, Thank you SunRise for giving me back my practice!”--Dr. Jeff Alexander
Dr. Jeff Alexander
Millersburg OH

“Awesome program ~ Seamless charge entry from the appointment scheduler, just awesome!”--Dr. Ron Farabaugh ~ Owner
Dr. Ron Farabaugh
Columbus OH

“Is that it? That is so simple!”--Everyone at the office!
Dr. Richard Brown
Dr. Nancy Brown
New Philadelphia OH

“I love working with SunRise. In 30 years of dealing with tech support I have never been so pleased with everyone that I have talked to there."--Dr. Frank Parisi
Dr. Frank Parisi
Monroeville, PA